How it works


Join certified companies.
Join those who value honesty in business, respect contractors and market rules and care about a good image for their company.

One of the goals of any company should be fair market activity. And one of the aspects of such activities is the timely execution of your payments. We believe that honest companies should be able to show others that it is worth tradeing with them. This is why we have created the Empresa Confiável certificate. Any company that does not have overdue debts, or despite exceeding the deadline, pays and is in contact with its creditor, fulfills the criteria for having a Empresa Confiável certificate. Joining a certification program is not just a way to show your reliability - it is also the promotion of good business practices. A company with a Certificate can place certification banners in the footer of the company e-mails and on its website. By contacting his contractors or business friends, the entrepreneur shows that he participates in our program, promotes his company integrity and at the same time encourages others to join the program. Potential customers can immediately see that they are dealing with entrepreneurs who take the business partners seriously. The use of good business practices is not only a source of pride but also an important educational aspect for new companies. Let's show them how to conduct business honestly. At the moment, Portugal is one of the worst in Europe in terms of settling payments on time. It's time to change it. Let Portuguese entrepreneurs cease to be a synonym of unreliability. The Empresa Confiavel Certification Program is our contribution in the fight to improve Portugal's business image.

The Empresa Confiável Certificate is a package consisting of image elements and functionality. All are delivered in the Certification Package after joining the Certification Program. The main element is the Certificate itself, with a unique number, an example is shown in the graphic on the left. Additional image elements are banners for the email footer and for the website. The certified company also receives the Certificate Web Card. This is a unique subpage, created and maintained in, containing current information about a specific user certificate. Each image banner placed in an e-mail or on a website refers to a company's Certificate Web Card. The validity of the certificate can be checked at any time by any interested party. To check the validity, click on the banner placed in email footer or company website. You can also go to the Verify Company tab on and enter the certificate or NIF number of the company. The condition for maintaining the validity of the certificate is continuous verification of the certified company for past due debts reported at Registo Nacional de Dividas or issued for sale at Troca de Dividas. A certified company may not be listed on any of these services. If the certified company's debt is noted in one of the above services, we give the company 14 days to settle the debt and after that we cancel the certificate and suspend its membership in the Certification Program. We strive to maintain high standards of membership in the program while giving the company time to recover from perhaps temporary problems.