Internet Debt Exchange

Dozens of unpaid invoices. No contact with the debtor. Constant excuses that not now, maybe later. You have theoretically earned money but you do not have enough money to pay your subcontractors. You start losing financial liquidity. The company's situation is becoming more and more difficult.

This is a well-known scenario around the world. Portugal is no exception. What to do in this situation? Just issue debts of problematic debtors for sale. As a part of the DÍ project, we launched - the first online service for selling debts. This is a service used to sell overdue corporate debts, such as invoices, loans, leasing, insurance, and therefore not a tax debts but related to business operations. By issuing debts for sale, you can get your money back and force the debtor to act.

Are you wondering how this will affect your debtor? Many entrepreneurs have already found out that this is effective. Issuing a debt sale offer should give the debtor some food for thought. Because from that moment his unreliability will be public information. There are many reasons why someone may want to buy this debt. This is an uncomfortable and dangerous situation for the debtor. Anyone who visits Troca de Dividas will see the debtor's details and details of his debts. And who will want to do business with such an unreliable contractor.

Try it. Make an offer, inform the debtor and leave him with this problem. He will certainly contact you, he may pay off the debt or at least he will return into the negotiations. If you do not achieve any effect, at least you will warn others. It is also an important gesture of solidarity with other participants in the Portuguese market.

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