National Registry of Debts

Until recently, Portuguese entrepreneurs had the opportunity to verify only the tax debt of individual companies. But the debts between the companies also testify to the credibility and financial liquidity. Many companies operate in such a way that they do not have tax arrears but are unfair to their contractors.

As a part of the Dí project, we launched the National Debt Register. This is a service used to register overdue corporate debts, such as invoices, loans, leasing, insurance, and therefore not a tax debts but related to business operations. Entering a company in the registry is always a last resort. As long as the contractor is in contact, repays debts with a delay or even only partially, there is no need to put him in the National Debt Register. Everyone can be in temporary trouble with liquidity, but if he does not reject negotiations and he tries to cooperate, then you have to give him a chance. However, if someone exhausts all methods of classic business negotiations and the debtor will still ignore him, there is nothing else but to enter debtor and his debt into the registry and indicate him as a dishonest cooperator. All this so that no other company in the future would be exposed to similar actions from that debtor.

Our goal is to collect information on the quantity and scale of overdue corporate debts on the Portuguese market in one place. It is a database of indebted, and therefore dangerous and unreliable companies. Everyone can verify any company and assess the risk of possible cooperation.

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