About us

Empresa Confiável was created and is managed by Ecomfactory - IT Solutions, Lda (based in Lisbon).

As part of our activities, we launch modern B2B and B2C online projects, dedicated to the Portuguese market. We are launching online services that are missing in Portugal and which have been successfully operating in other countries and have proved very useful there. Empresa Confiável is part of a comprehensive project called DÍVIDAS.pt, which is to help companies avoid unreliable contractors, affect the timeliness of payments between companies and allow honest entrepreneurs to use a certificate confirming their reliability. The package includes, apart from Empresa Confiável, the services of Registo Nacional de Dívidas and Troca de Dívidas. For more details about this project, please visit Dívidas.pt.

Particular emphasis is also placed on supporting the broadly understood E-Commerce market. We closely monitor global trends and solutions. We are interested in various fields of the IT industry, we finance interesting and well-promising projects and we support young entrepreneurs.

If you have good ideas or are looking for financial support for the project you implement yourself, we invite you to cooperate.

More at Ecomfactory.pt.